Do you make your own essential oils?

I get this question often. Essential oils come from, and are distilled in, dozens of countries around the world. It is a science and art unto itself. Like wine and coffee, essential oils have optimal growing regions as well as harvesting and distillation methods in order to obtain optimal chemical constituents. It is hugely complex and […]

Teething Pain Protocol

Sharing a recent post from a closed group in response to pain and upset from teething and hours without sleep for everyone. Lots of good info here! There are three items I would like you to consider that will make a huge difference in your little one’s overall discomfort, pain levels, and stress. 1. Chamomile […]

Wellness 6-Pack

Introducing the Lux Amare Wellness 6-Pack, featuring Lux Amare’s Top Six selling Lux Amare Wellness Concentrates; Immune Stimulant, Peace, Protection, Rejuvenation, Tranquility and Vitality. Handy 5 ml bottles that are travel safe, each one containing 185 drops, or about 15 therapeutic adult doses. $72 Take care of your wellness needs conveniently with one potent little package. Makes […]