Lux Amare Oil Cleansing Method

Curious about the Oil Cleansing Method? Use OIL to cleanse, purify, balance, nourish and heal the skin? What?!? For decades we have been coached by the cosmetic industry that we need to use soap (gel is just a fancier name) and water to cleanse, abrasion (acids, chemical peels, grains, etc.) to exfoliate, and alcohol-based “toners” […]

Therapeutic Sunscreen SPF 25+

Let’s make sure everyone is keeping themselves protected from sun burn and discuss Lux Amare Therapeutic Sunscreen! Containing a proprietary blend of organic essential seed, herb and flower oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil and non-nano zinc oxide, this sunscreen is SPF 25+ and perfect for your fun in the sun! This all […]

Botanical Sun Protectant

Lux Amare ® Botanical Sun Protectant Serum™ 100% Pure * Botanical * Sun Protectant Contains only pure, organic seed, nut and flower essential oils, known for their sun protection and skin healing abilities. Not for a full day in the sun or as a full-body sunscreen, however it suits day-to-day sun protection needs. Moisturizing, nourishing […]

Chamomile Baby Rub (CBR) Uses

LuxAmare® Chamomile Baby Rub™ aka CBR Uses & Recommended Dosage: One drop per 10-lbs body weight*, applied externally to affected area. Can be repeated hourly. Can be used in conjunction with other Lux Amare Wellness blends. Safe for infants. Burns/Cuts/Stings: Apply enough to cover affected area every 1-5 min for first hour, hourly thereafter for […]

Congestion * Coughs * Colds * Flu Protocol

Protection Concentrate, 1 drop/10-lbs body weight distributed over areas of congestion (under nostrils, neck, chest, back) hourly during acute phase, every 2-3 hours during moderate symptoms, then 3x daily until completely well.* Run a Warm Mist Vaporizer. I prefer the warm mist because I am only using it during periods of congestion which when used with […]

C-section scars, stretch marks, incision scarring? Mama Belly Rub vs Mederma

Many of us feel our appearance is diminished by C-section scars, stretch marks and other scarring resulting from living and birthing. Often these marks of our living are most prominent right over our reproductive and life giving organs. Please choose carefully before applying products to your body once or multiple times per day. Mama Belly […]

Clarifying Concentrate & Pumpkin Jasmine Serum for Breakouts – Protocol

Clarifying Concentrate is to be applied ONLY to break-outs. Typically one drop is placed in the palm and then using a finger from the other hand, touch the drop with a finger and apply to the break out. Or, wet a Q-tip, squeeze out the water, dip the Q-tip into the drop of Clarifying Concentrate […]

Protection vs Immune Stimulant?

Question of the day: When do I use Protection vs Immune Stimulant? The best answer can be found in the comprehensive description of the products themselves on the Lux Amare website. Check out the “Concerns” tab below the product descriptions as well.  🙂 Quick Summary PROTECTION: upper respiratory congestion/infection; sore throat, cold, cough, flu, earache, […]

Baby Relax

Today, I am going to touch on one of my absolute must-haves, Lux Amare Baby Relax Body and Bath Oil! Baby Relax is a staple in this house. It’s the only cleanser and moisturizer I find necessary for my kiddo. I add it to her bath, and use a wash cloth for gentle cleansing. After […]

Eau de Parfum ~ Summer

We all love the Lux Amare products for the amazing magic they work, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes, we just want to smell good and feel good too! Wouldn’t it be great to accomplish that without investing our hard earned money in commercial perfumes that are full of toxic chemicals? Voila! Introducing Eau de Parfum […]