This one-of-a-kind line of pure products has been carefully developed by Lux Amare Founder Elizabeth Reynolds, exclusively for Mama and Baby. Combining the most gentle and effective essential oils with nourishing botanical oils, these pure, organic blends are perfectly tailored to soothe, harmonize and balance both mother and baby.

Baby Relax and Chamomile Baby Rub are formulated keeping in mind the sensitive, responsive nature of your infants skin. Ready for direct application, these potions provide calming, soothing and quick absorption with their light, silky texture.

Mama Belly Rub, Mama Tummy Soothe and Tranquility Body & Bath oils are designed to bring effective relief and healing benefits using powerful yet gentle, organic, high-quality botanical ingredients. Revitalize, uplift, calm and soothe your body and emotions with expertly formulated, classical aromatics. 100% active ingredients.